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Welcome! CourierBuddy (CB) is honored and pleased to have you visit this site. Your visit means that you’re curious enough to check out this phenomenal opportunity, to make money. To make money on your terms. You choose the job, your price, your time to work. Our crowd-sourcing, revolutionizing, mobile app, makes FREEDOM possible. We are proud to present the next generation, mobile app, that will change the way “THINGS” are moved from one place to another, in your city and cities all over the world. Households, big and small businesses, public and private agencies can enjoy access to, Convenient, Efficient, On-Demand service, (CEO). The exclusive, pick-up and delivery service provided by the CourierBuddy app. CourierBuddy was founded in 2014 by Paul McCoy, owner of Marathon Courier in Portland, Oregon. So, as you can see we are just getting started Here’s an overview of how CB works.

The CourierBuddy app solves the age-old “shipping” problems of having to call several delivery companies for bids, wait for them to respond with a quote, try and explain where the pickup delivery locations are. This process is usually done through a third-party dispatcher, who takes a generous fee and could care less if the package is or is not delivered. Lots of guessing and lots of wasted time, not to mention the cost. Well, we have an app for that.

CourierBuddy combines several features that take the guess and leg work out of shipping and or delivering items. The main features are a bid, item description and instant pay process. Shippers can post a pick-up item with detailed description; weight, dimensions, photo (optional) and available CB drivers select a shipper’s request and place their bid. A driver who wins the bid, sends a confirmation notice to the shipper. The bid funds are deposited into a holding or escrow account and after confirmation of successful delivery, the funds are released to the drivers account. There is so much more about the CB app that you will learn as you move through the short entry process.

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